Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yoga? is she serious??

Weigh-in day today. 
Dr C gave me 'permission' to continue walking and do (...wait for it...) Yoga!!

Is she serious??

I have no doubt I will be kicked out for giggling within minutes of being asked to 'ommmm' - it's not going to work!!

But heck, I'll try anything once (but does it have to be Yoga?) - sigh...

Anyway, Dr C didn't give me 'the face' today, which can only mean I've put on weight.


But we did have a chat about what needs to happen before I can start exercising safely again. She thinks I should be medically stable again within about a month, but that it takes a lot longer to build up muscles than it takes to break them down - so for the sake of my weakened heart (and general body condition) I must not do any running.

Which I do agree with.

She would also like me to consider why I so badly want to exercise. And if it is for stress relief (am I really that transparent) then to think about other (safer) ways to handle that in the meantime. She would like me to only return to exercise when it is for fun and fitness - not for stress relief and weight loss.

I spy another shift in perspective being required. It's just this one has been with me for so long, I don't quite know how to change it...


Felicity said...

Dr C sounds like a gem and anything that brings a giggle or two must be good value - no?

Love reading about your positive progress.

xx F

Abby said...

Ahh... now your comment on my post makes more sense. I thought by "my place" you meant your house, not your blog.

Anyway, I'll be honest and say that I don't consider yoga exercise for some reason. I mean, I do feel better after, challenge my strength (lack of) and am often sore after a good session (in my living room), but I don't get my heart up and pumping like I do when I do cardio. However, considering I shouldn't be doing ANY exercise, I appreciate yoga for what it is--an escape and both a physical and mental challenge.

It will take some time to adjust to, but perhaps if you shift your focus from it being "exercise" to being a prescription for physical and mental growth, you can learn to love it. Plus, it does work the body in ways you wouldn't think possible. The key is a good video/class and patience. It's not running, but it's activity ;)

EmilyH said...

I've actually been wanting to try yoga because I hear it's great for stress relief and reducing anxiety. If you try it, let me know what you think. Maybe I will try to find a yoga place around here.


Kat said...

The program director of where I went to treatment was a firm believer of yoga for eating disorder patients.

Except for the occasional free yoga in the park across the street from me (they offer it on Saturdays), I'm not a big fan... I MUCH greater prefer pilates.

I have problems sometimes staying within myself and I feel too competitive for it... get too antsy.. I don't know.

Pilates though? Definitely!

PJ said...

@Kat - this is a brilliant idea! Just looked up the timetable at my physio and she does pilates on sat morning. Done! I'll give that g o first and see how I get on :)PJ

HikerRD said...

Not so fast, my friend! (Yes, I'm reading and it's a Wednesday)
First, let's acknowledge that Felicity is absolutely right--quite a find, this MD! And I don't say this lightly.
As for the exercise recommendation. Yoga is (as Kat states) often integrated into ED programs, and for a reason. It has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety (not that you experience these) and allows you to feel in touch with your body. It increases strength, and certainly gives you a workout--but not the cardio fix you're used to. But still absolutely worth exploring!

As for pilates--I personally love it. But it doesn't provide the stress reduction, meditative component that yoga does. Not at all.

So listen to your wise MD (and your wise RD friend across the seas) and do give yoga a chance. With your determination, I suspect you'll make it work!

M said...

Hiker RD, have any studies been done about pilates and eds? I know that studies have been done in yoga and eds, but have they been done on pilates and eds? I'm not trying to disagree with the experts but genuinely curious as to whether pilates can also do some good for stress relief for those who don't enjoy yoga.

I ask because at an evidence based program I was at last year I was given the option of trying either yoga or pilates. I'd tried yoga pre-Ed, but really didn't like it. I tried it again during the program and still didn't like it. For me it was all the spiritual buddist type mantras that I struggled with and I couldn't ommmm without laughing to save my life. I tried a pilates class and didn't love it, but didn't hate it as much as i disliked the yoga. I persevered for a number of weeks and grew to love it. The mind/body connection and awareness was really helpful for me, and it really did make me slow down and breathe and learn to sit. I'd had to just accept that it didn't feel as good as running, but that didn't make it not worth doing at all.

As I said, I'm definitely not an expert, but am genuinely interested in the research.

Mum on the Run said...

Food issues are one thing.
Exercise dependency is another.
I canNOT, not ever, give up exercise. I am panicking at just the thought of it here.
You are taching me so many things, PJ.