Saturday, 7 May 2011

there's nothing wrong with me

I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me, I can cancel all my appointments now.

One day this will be true. But it's not today. ED is such a liar!

Time to go back and read my warning signs list again...


EmilyH said...

Oh, totally! ED tells me all the time that I'm "fine". "See, Emily, look at how you good you are doing at your job. You couldn't do that if you really had an eating disorder. Also, you ate a breakfast bar with no problem. That's normal too!" Oh, ED, you are not going to convince me that obsessing over every calorie is normal.

I agree, PJ, someday, we will be able to say that we're better.


PJ said...

@EmilyH - you sooo get it!!! :)