Friday, 20 May 2011

'helpful' websites should know better!

am I the only one who has ever found some of the information on 'help' websites triggering? 'Cos I found a real doozy tonight...

I should have known from the outset that I was in the wrong place.

Pictures of women's midriffs adorning the home page -- should have closed the window. The one in particular along with the caption 'eating disorders' -- that flat, flat (she's never had three enormous babies) tummy and prominent hip bones -- should have closed the window.

Why did I read on?

Why, because it told me it was a 'caring' space. Pro-recovery. And I had been sent there following a tweet which promised "resources for adult eating disorders". All I want at the moment is someone to give me some guidance on how to maintain my motivation and stick to my eating plan. So I stupidly went on until I found the section entitled 'mid-life anorexia'. Ah, I think, this is where I'll find some answers.

All I found was a majorly condescending fluff piece article about one woman's experience. Not only does it actually go as far as to validate everything that ED has been telling me about how pathetic and shallow I am to have an eating disorder at my age -- but it then follows this up by talking about her current weight.

quick to google lbs to kg conversion.
but wait, my weight must be creeping up to that now -- so if she's in recovery, then I'm overweight! crap.

reading this site was supposed to be helpful! Why didn't I close the window?

I can't tell you how much I wish I hadn't read this. Stupid stupid mistake -- and they should know better. Really really ticked off with this website. Really hurt and betrayed.

Careful what you read people. Not everyone is as careful and understanding and knowledgeable as they think they are.



Dana Udall-Weiner said...

It's so scary how often this happens, where websites claiming to be "helpful" are actually the opposite. And it is hard to turn off the computer sometimes once we'v arrived at these sites, even if we know that it would be best for us to do so. Hoping tomorrow is better for you, PJ.

PJ said...

I must admit this is the first time I have ever been this 'tricked' by a website - I'll be a lot more wary in the future though...

Kat said...

I think that sites that claim to be pro-recovery or even just not pro-ana are more damaging than the ones that full-out claim to be pro?

Why? because people wanting support, guidance, and help - such as yourself... get lured into them under those false pretenses... instead of being semi aware of what they're getting into.


PJ said...

@Kat - I think the main problem with this site was that they really thought they were presenting a helpful and scientific website - it was the thoughtless (and therefore I believe totally misguided and uneducated) way in which they did so that was so damaging. My first instinct is to blame myself - but it was really their ignorance and lack of professionalism that caused the problem.