Sunday, 29 May 2011

Can you take a day off?

Wondering tonight about the merits of taking a day off recovery.

Honestly, when all the pushing uphill becomes just too much effort, is it okay to take a day off? Or is this a cop out? Or does this constitute a slip?

My thoughts are that surely a planned day off doesn't count as a slip. After all, I can't do anything else that I need to do to diffuse this feeling - so maybe a little break is acceptable for stress relief?

But then I know that these are all just excuses - and I know that no excuses are acceptable when it comes to recovery.

So here's what I should do:
1. accept that I feel disgusting and uncomfortable and sick. I do. And that's just tough luck.
2. talk to Mr PJ - remind him of my warning signs checklist, and tell him I'm going to need it again
3. put today behind me. Go to bed (it's after 10:30pm) and start again tomorrow
4. if I still feel like this tomorrow, ring my gp and schedule in an appointment for this week - don't wait for a relapse to really take hold
5. breathe

but all of this takes courage...


Felicity said...

Clever you - it sounds like you have hit a rocky patch but not surprisingly you know exactly what to do to get through it with some help.

xx to you, F.

HikerRD said...

Sounds like you've got a plan--certainly wise to have your supports in place.

While I know no details of your recovery, I do wonder if you started with a running start,perhaps faster than is maintainable (thinking about 5/23 post). Consider just holding steady for a bit, no slips, no movement, just sit with your recent changes (as long as you are medically stable), until you can move forward again.

PJ said...

Oh HikerRD - how did you get to be so wise?? :)