Thursday, 5 May 2011

something I'm proud of

having a bit of a wobbly am trying to focus on all the positive steps I have taken, and remind myself that my ED is scared of me - which is why it is trying so hard to rob me of my confidence and derail me at this moment.

So here's something I'm really proud of (time for a humble brag!!)

yep, see that gap there between the hamper and the loo?
That's where my scales used to be :-)
I'm proud of that gap everytime I see it.
(oh, and it will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I've weighed myself)

Today might not be a good day, but it's another day closer to recovery...


M said...

Hi 5! Major kudos to you. That gap is a true sign of significant progress and I'm glad that you can recognize it.

I'm sorry that you're having a tough time, but so glad you are writing and getting it out there rather than giving in to that evil ED. Remember that every meal is a step further along the recovery path - a path that you are well and truly on.

PJ said...

okay, now I'm crying :)
Thanks so much M - I really appreciate it...

EmilyH said...

Yay! I loved getting rid of my scales too. I like not knowing how much I weigh. My only advice is to be aware of any other body-checking strategies that you start since you don't have the scales to rely on anymore. I know that has been a problem for me.

I agree that every step forward is worth celebrating!


HikerRD said...

Good for you! Admit it--isn't it liberating?