Thursday, 21 July 2011

a normal day


  • Slept in a little late this morning. Didn't really matter, we weren't in a rush today.
  • Ate breakfast before dropping kids at school and then went and had morning tea and some cake to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was lovely cake - plum and walnut crumble (yum!)
  • Came home and made lunch for the toddler and me.
  • While the toddler was asleep I tidied the house. Lots of energy too - didn't have to stop to rest each time after making one bed. House looked really good. I was quietly pretty chuffed :)
  • Went and picked up kids from school.
  • Came home did some washing. Then let kids watch some tv (no homework tonight). We watched Phineas and Ferb together.
  • Served up dinner and sat and ate together.
  • Sent kids up to bed. Got toddler ready for bed - brushed her teeth and read to her.
  • Went up and read to big kids. Griped at them for leaving their towels on the floor.
Yep it was just a normal day

No panic. No screaming. No crying. No thinking thinking thinking thinking thinking

It was just a normal day...thank god :)

This is a much much better way to be, my friends...


PlanningQueen said...

Hope you stay friends xx (Love the photo!)

HikerRD said...

Bookmark this post. There will be times you'll wonder if there will ever be a normal day again. Or you may forget what normal really feels like.
Wishing you extra-ordinary days!

spiritedladyliving said...

And that's what recovery is all about. What's odd is now those ordinary days feel so much more special! Great post PJ!!!

Jessica said...

You inspire me!