Sunday, 2 October 2011

portable recovery support

A while ago I read a post by Lori Lieberman at Drop it and Eat all about the Big Apple Circus. Now only Lori could go to the circus and find metaphors that relate to eating disorder recovery ;-) But this post has stuck with me for so many wonderful reasons - one of which was the story of the clown who tries to capture the audience's applause in his little box - and how wonderful it would be if this was actually possible - to keep applause with you at all times, even when your supporters are not on hand.

This got me thinking how I could take my support with me everywhere even when my recovery team are not on hand. I came up with a list of special words from very special people. These are words that have either been said about me or said to me and I've had these words engraved in my bangle.

and that one right there in the middle - hope - that one was from Lori xxx


HikerRD said...

Moved to tears. SO glad my words have been of value.
Coincidentally, at our second day of holiday services, our Rabbi did his talk on hope vs faith. Since he doesn't blog, perhaps i'll share some of his words in a post.

C-Girl said...

I have a "book of affirmations" from things that people have given me that I want to keep close.... it doesn't leave my bedside. And if I ever have a need for a little pick up (which is often) I am reminded of the things between the pages of that book! The bracelet is a wonderful idea!

Mum on the Run said...

I love your bangle.
Have actually been thinking of doing something similar this week.
A tangible reminder of my strength - for when my memory lapses or chooses to focus on the negative.