Tuesday, 1 November 2011

careful, all this power might go to my head!


I've been on Lexapro now for several months to help control my out-of-control anxiety. And I was told that I would know the Lexapro was working more in how I handle things than in how I actually feel. Well case in point would have to be lunch today.

And no, surprisingly *not* because of the food. But rather, because of the appallingly bad service.

Here in Melbourne there are lots of good cafes, so service this poor is relatively unheard of. And yet after waiting more than forty five minutes for our lunch (nothing complicated either mind you, just standard cafe fare) the kids were getting restless and I decided enough was enough.

I actually asked the waitress when our food would be ready.

Big deal I hear you scoff. Well for me it is. Normally I would shush the kids and remind them to have patience. But they were being really good, and the service was being really slow. Absolutely nothing seemed to be coming out of the kitchen.

So I was told ours was next.

Only it wasn't. It was second or third either.

I got up at this stage and went up to the counter and asked again. "Yep, it's next", they said.

Nope. Wrong. Not this time. I'd been told that answer ten minutes earlier. I very firmly told them they needed to check through their orders and find mine and double check it to make sure it was a) actually there, and b) actually next.

I returned to my seat, and lo and behold the meals arrived within 1 minute, with apologies from the manager, and 20% off the bill.

Now I obviously won't bother going back there again, but that's my choice. I'm not embarrassed by my forthrightness. I wasn't rude. I didn't even get nervous. It was poor service so I said so. Sounds easy...and it was.

I think I know the Lexapro is working. And it was kinda fun...shhhh :)

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Rosie Molinary said...

I love this story, PJ. I think it is really powerful that you showed yourself that you could take care of you and your kids and the situation. Applauding. The Lexapro may be working but you found the words, the approach, the grace and grit. You go.

_katesome_ said...

Brilliant!! Love it. I look forward to more... :)

HikerRD said...

Nice job, PJ! More than simply getting your food to the table, your actions made you heard.And didn't it feel good?
I do wonder whether I was born with some excess Lexapro derivative in my bloodstream since childhood; I, for one, have the opposite issue--finding my way to more apropriately say what I feel needs to be said--so that it will be heard and acted on!

maryse said...

i was put on lexapro a year ago for anxiety-induced rage and depression and have been on a lexapro like medication and i swear it has changed my life. it's fantastic!

PJ said...

@maryse My gp reckons they should put it in the drinking water ;)