Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Evidence from Experience

Recovery is a team effort. A standard treatment team is made up of your GP, a dietician and a therapist - all of whom need to have specialist skills in dealing with the specific issues of treating eating disorders. And the role of your support people - family and friends - must not be underestimated either. A supportive partner and a selection of good friends who really understand can make all the difference.

So who have I forgotten on that list?

Who is it that is so often overlooked? Have you figured it out yet?


You have experience that no-one looking in from the outside can ever have. And this experience is vital. You hold the key to unlocking your own eating disorder. And to helping others, including your own treatment team, to better understand the complexities of this disease.

Never underestimate your own value in this journey.

June Alexander spoke so eloquently on this topic at the recent ANZAED conference and I encourage you all to visit her post about it and read what she had to say...


Anonymous said...

I know I'm 3-months late on this post -- but is it possible to recover without any doctors? Just me and friends to support me?

PJ said...

I know that depending on where you live getting access to good treatment can be difficult but if you can access treatment I would encourage you to get as much help as you can. Friends can only do so much - proper treatment can offer so much more.
Speaking for myself only, I could not have got this far without treatment. My gp keeps a close eye on my medical stability and has been able to provide me with medication for my anxiety which has been extremely helpful. My dietician has been able to give me strategies for approaching meal times and making sure that I keep my diet varied. And my therapist has provided me with so much support. I can ask her anything and tell her anything. I am never judged and she has seen it all before so is unshockable!
I need my treatment team. In my case, no, recovery is not possible without a treatment team.
Feel free to email me if you want to ask me anything privately :)