Saturday, 6 August 2011

thanks for the support

nothing quite like tea and a good chat :)

Dear Readers,

I had a post all lined up ready to go about how worthless I feel at the moment...

But I'm not going to publish it.

I have had time to reflect and breathe. And I've been back to talk to my gp again (twice in two days is never good!) but it has helped me make some big life-altering changes which I am still too scared to talk about here yet.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity - not a hobby I am comfortable with - I have re read the comments people have left for me here on my blog. And the support of people going through what I am going through as well as those who care and understand, have meant the world to me. I am so blessed to have discovered the power of blogging - both for communicating my feelings, and for the support it has given me.

So thank you to everyone who has talked to me; here, by email, on twitter and in real life.

It has made a enormous difference to my outlook and to my recovery.
Thank you


Madam Bipolar said...

Here's to the power of recovery. Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for taking the positive approach, you are an inspiration. I am always just a call or text away if you need.
Poppy xo

HikerRD said...

Glad you're feeling better! And do consider having some of those french macarons in the photo above! They are divine.

spiritedladyliving said...

You are so worth recovery PJ and I'm glad to see you are doing what's right for you!! You CAN do it so just keep your chin up!!!

Snippet said...

Change is good but hard - you can do it! I'm only a text away if you need me! xx

Jennifer said...

You are awesome...this is so positive and uplifting...courage despite being fearful about engaging in new choices and decisions, wow, what a kick up the butt for the e.d!!
PJ, you can do this,no matter what, and even if its a step forward, then back,then two more forward, its all in the right direction!
I'm so proud of you and you definitely have all of us supporting and loving you through this.
Hugs xxoo

Rosie said...

It has been an honor to meet you, PJ, and for your to share part of your story with us. And I love this lessson-- that you can be ready to wallow and even though it feels like what you need to do, you can shift it. You can make a different choice. Thanks for that reminder. It is an important reminder. Wishing you well along the way.

M said...

Hang in there PJ. So glad your GP is so good and supportive. Keep doing the next right thing. xM